You can stay in safe and nice quarantine Hotel in Seoul

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We will be a company that does its best for you.

Quarantine Room

You will stay in safe and clean Hotel in Seoul downtown. We will make you satisfied with everything.

MEALS & necessities

You can order meals and daily necessities. We will deliver your order to your room.


When you arrive in Korea, you will be accompanied safely from the airport to the public health center and accommodation.


You can stay in Hotel or Hostel Downtown in Seoul, Korea.

1,400,000 KRW

(Only for Quarantine Stay)

- Room Charge : 80,000 KRW / 1 day
- Meal : 20,000 KRW / 1 day (7,000 KRW / 1 meal)
- Total Fee : 1,400,000 KRW / 14 days

Single Occupancy

Free Wifi
Meal Delivery Service

PIck-up Service

Airport Escort
Healthcare Center Escort
with Disinfection Taxi

Fully Booked

(Only for Quarantine + Semester)

- Quarantine Stay : 980,000 KRW / 14 days
- After Quarantine : 2,000,000 KRW / 4 Months
- Total Fee : 2,980,000 KRW

Single Occupancy

Free Wifi
Meal Delivery Service

PIck-up Service

Airport Escort
Healthcare Center Escort
with Disinfection Taxi


Quarantine Room

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V-log from one of our actual Guest

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From Reservation to Self-Quarantines


Make a Reservation

- Sign-Up on our Website
 ( )
- Choose Accommodation, Option and    Get your Invoice
- Payment (it takes 1~2 weeks)
-Receive Payment& Accommodation    Confirmation E-mail


Arrival / Quarantine Booth

- Arrive at Incheon Airport
- You must install Self-Quarantine Safety    Protection App
- Fill in government documents with    information of  Your University.
- Get through the immigration and find    your luggage.


Find Our Staff in Waiting Area

- With the map provided in our email, find    our booth at terminal 1&2
- Tell us your info to get confirmed
- Hop on a vehicle we provided , then you    are good to go!


1st COVID-19 Test / Room Check-In

- You’ll head directly to one of local health    center, if you have enough time to get    the test before they close.
- Otherwise,you will visit the Healthcare   Center the next day.
- Fill in Healthcare forms with information   of our Accommodation.
- When you arrive at a Hotel, please follow   our staffs’   instructions


Quarantine Period &
2nd COVID-19 Test

- Self-quarantine is for 14 nights
- 2 Days before the quarantine is finished,   you will take your 2nd COVID-19 test.
- You should pay for the 2nd covid Test taxi fees.


Last day

- 2nd confirmation of your payment and   possible refund will start from 09:00am
- Please pack your belonging and get   ready by 11:30am
- You will be free to leave the building    after 12:00pm


Frequently asked questions

How should I pay for the self-quarantine accommodation?

After booking the self-quarantine accommodation on the website, you can receive the invoice with the bank account number, and remit 1,500,000 KRW to that bank account.

What kind of objects do I need for the self-quarantine?

It is recommended to prepare your hobby items during the period of your self-quarantine such as Netflix, games, books, studying Korean language and so on. In addition, since meals served during the period of the self-quarantine may not suit your tastes, you would better prepare your own food of your taste also helps in the self-quarantine; however, as cooking is not allowed in the quarantine room, we recommend bringing food that you can eat without cooking.

How many times should I be tested fo rCovid-19 during the period of the self-quarantine?

Generally, You will be given two tests, the first test within 3days of entering the country and the second test before leaving the self-quarantine.

When is the check-out date and time?

You will be checked out at 12pm / 14 nights after the date of arrival in Korea. For example, a student who checked in on 1th will be checked out on 15th ,14 nights after arrival. (However, if your flight landing is after 12:00 am, you will be released on 16th)