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About Program

We help everyone to learn high-level Korean easily and accurately. We provide On-Site classes where you can learn through various experiences in an easy and fun way, and online classes that you can take anytime, anywhere. In particular, the On-Site program provides educational contents that allow you to experience various Korean cultures, K-pop, K-Drama. It also has a perfect running time so that learners can focus on lectures. Through our lecture, you can learn Korean whenever, and wherever.

Who Should We Enroll In This Class?

  • Who wants to learn Korean and is lost on how to start!
  • Who want to learn Korean without place restrictions!
  • Who wants 1:1 consulting upon their studies!
  • Who wants to study Korean while enjoying Korean culture!
  • Who wants to learn Korean while experiencing Korean entertainment such as K-pop Dance
    and Vocals.

What We Will Learn?


  • Gain insight into the introduction of the Korean language.


  • Able to learn academic programs for university entry.


  • Able to enjoy learning Korean conversational skills for travel, work, and play.


  • Gain insight into Korean culture.

[Regular Course]

The Korean language regular course is suitable for foreign students who want to learn Korean from Beginner to Advanced. For students learning Korean for the first time to those who want to master Korean. It will be conducted at the level of seven levels, and each stage can be completed in eight weeks. In addition, we offer a variety of customized learning programs such as Korean culture, presentation skills, and Korean company terminology. If you participate in the Korean language program, you will be able to experience rapid improvement in Korean through our professional customized programs by our skilled language instructors. Join Us to develop practical skills for easy and fun Korean study.

[Dancing & Language]

K-pop has become a huge influence on making people interested in learning Korean and experiencing Korean culture. By collaboration with an excellent dance studio that works with many famous Korean celebrities, our EK- Dancing and Language program provides you with an unique chance to learn K-pop and other genre of dance, such as Hip-Hop, Girl Style, and Locking. In addition, our Korean language classes will help you master your interview and self-introduction skills in Korean. Enjoy K-pop dancing improve your Korean at the same time!

[Summer Camp & Winter Camp]


The Korean language course of EK suits foreign students who want to learn Korean.

For students learning Korean for the first time to those who want to master Korean, it will be conducted at seven levels, and each stage can be completed in eight weeks. Especially our Summer Camp is suitable program for foreign students who want to master Korean language courses in a short period of time and experience various cultural experiences in Korea.

The professional curriculum of local native teachers is designed to provide fun and interest in Korean and Korea for weeks.

Language Korea website?

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www.languagekorea.com is a platform developed by our company to provide services that help foreign students find the best Korean language and study abroad programs run by institutes and universities. With the information provided students can easily compare different options and receive consulting from our professional consultants.

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