UNIE (University Network for International Education)

Your best partner for leading the internationalization of higher education.

About associations

The University Network for International Education (UNIE) is a non-profit organization whose aim is to enhance collaboration among Korean universities and foreign higher education institutions and to develop globalization strategies by sharing current issues and information on international education. It also targets to provide a venue for revitalizing higher education by conducting joint marketing activities, developing various international programs, and promoting international mobility.

Our Program & Services

  • International Mobility Programs
  • Joint Marketing Initiatives
  • Global Internship Program
  • Operating programs for Government
  • Scholarship students
  • International Conferences and Workshops
  • Consultation on Internationalization

Our Missions


facilitate Collaborative Exchange

Foster strong and enduring partnerships, universities and foreign higher education mutual understanding and collaboration.


Develop Internationalization of higher education

Create a platform of exchange of current  and innovative strategies.


promote academic and student mobility

Provide opportunities for international education experiences to the students. 


advocate for educational policies

Serve as an advocate for policies that support internationalization of Korean Higher Education for the removal of barriers for global partners.

Partner Universities